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012 - How I improved my low mood and energy w/ a clinical nutritionist #partner

December 09, 2021 Season 1 Episode 12
Hey Shayla
012 - How I improved my low mood and energy w/ a clinical nutritionist #partner
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 012: My low mood and energy improved after working with this clinical nutritionist #partner
Hey Shayla Podcast | Ep: 012

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As moms our bodies, hormones, emotions and energy levels can be insane and make us wonder if we’ll ever feel like our old selves again. And while we probably won’t (I mean this new title is more than all of those things) we can do things to feel better. I’ve been working with Stephanie, a clinical nutritionist and owner of Ooh Wow Nutrition, and after looking at my labs she recommended natural ways to support my thyroid, low mood and energy.  In this episode we go through some of my history and my labs. I wanted to share Stephanie with you if you are feeling depleted and looking for someone to help!

I enjoy working with Stephanie because she combines data (YOUR BLOOD) with a natural and holistic approach to find a solution. 
If this is you, I hope this episode helps to give you some guidance.

Xo Shay

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