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011 - Be prepared for unmedicated birth w/ a nurse who's had 3!

November 23, 2021 Shayla Christine Season 1 Episode 11
Hey Shayla
011 - Be prepared for unmedicated birth w/ a nurse who's had 3!
Show Notes

Be prepared  for an unmedicated birth from a nurse who’s had 3!
Hey Shayla Podcast | Ep: 011

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If you are open to the idea of having an unmedicated birth learning as much as you can is the best form of empowerment!  I interviewed Amy Kiefer a co-founder of
Expecting and Empowered a pregnancy and postpartum workout and pelvic floor exercises.

Amy Keifer has had 3 unmedicated births, was a nurse, is the co-founder of Expecting and Empowered, and has doula training. I knew she'd be the perfect person to talk to about preparing for labor and delivery!

Blog post with her tips:

Xo Shay

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