Hey Shayla

005 - A Successful Actress’s Transition to Motherhood with Gabrielle Ruiz

October 28, 2021 Season 1 Episode 5
Hey Shayla
005 - A Successful Actress’s Transition to Motherhood with Gabrielle Ruiz
Show Notes

Hey Shayla Podcast | EP 005
A Successful Actress’s Transition to Motherhood 
With Gabrielle Ruiz 

Thank you for listening to the Hey Shayla podcast!  Here we're the parents that learn new things and decide what works for us and our family. We're the moms that support instead of judge and know there are many ways to do something right.  I'd love to connect more on Instagram @heyshayla.

Some of us are hard-working women before we become mom’s and we wonder how the transition to motherhood will be.  I talk a lot about my struggles with the transition so when Gabrielle Ruiz (@gabrielleruiz) shared how much she enjoyed it and is soaking up all the moments I knew I had to have her perspective on the matter!

Gabrielle Ruiz is not only a working woman (and now working mom) she is a  successful actress, philanthropist, producer, podcaster (waffpodcast), and activist. Gabrielle is known for the comedy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, you can also find her on Star Trek: Lower Decks, Modern Family, Better Things, Alone Together, Orange Is The New Black, Sesame Street, Law & Order: SVU, and The Filth! If you need some positive motherhood perspective Gabrielle is your girl!

Xo Shay

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