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006 - GENIUS pumping tips from an exclusive pumper, Abby Rose Green

October 29, 2021
Hey Shayla
006 - GENIUS pumping tips from an exclusive pumper, Abby Rose Green
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Hey Shayla Podcast | EP 006
GENIUS pumping tips from an exclusive pumper
With Abby Rose Green

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Many moms add pumping into the equation of ways to breastfeed our babies. And like so many things in motherhood we’re not taught the tips and tricks, we’re left to figure it out ourselves!

I’m interviewing Abby Green (@abbyrosegreen) who traveled a pumped with her first and exclusively pumped with her 3rd for ALLLL the tips to make it as easy as possible.

Abby, the co-host of multiple podcasts (@herselfpodcast and their newest @pursuingherpurpose podcast) she is also very well researched and very experienced pumping. She shares her best tips on products to make the experience hands-free (bras and fanny packs to hold your machine), how to travel while pumping, tips for making pumping at work easier, a quick fix to get more milk and so much more about pumping!

Resources shared:  @kellymomdotcom for pumping and @juliasway16 for low muscle tone or Down syndrome babies 🙌

Xo Shay

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0:00 Breast pumping tips to make it easier!

1:58 Abby's three breastfeeding experiences

10:50 How do you choose a breast pump? 

19:50 Exclusively breast pumping Schedule 

23:34 Cleaning pump parts hack

28:14 hands-free pumping tips

30:50 Milk storage and freezing tips?

37:41 Resources for pumping moms