Hey Shayla - Judgement Free Motherhood 😅😭😍

004 - Will baby sign language DELAY speech? with ASL Discoveries

October 21, 2021 Season 1 Episode 4
Hey Shayla - Judgement Free Motherhood 😅😭😍
004 - Will baby sign language DELAY speech? with ASL Discoveries
Show Notes

Hey Shayla Podcast | EP 004
Will baby sign language delay speech?
With Julia with
ASL Discoveries

Thank you for listening to the Hey Shayla podcast!  Here we learn new things and decide what works for us and our family. We're the moms that support instead of judge and know there are many ways to do something right.  I'd love to connect more on Instagram @heyshayla

Baby's first words are so fun! What if we could give them tools to communicate what they needed before they even start talking?!   

We have Julia, the director of ASL Discoveries, an ASL educational company. They teach sign language to everyone from corporate companies like Amazon and Upwork, to babies! And Julia has been working with children and in the teaching field for a combination of over 10 years.  When I found her I knew I wanted to have her on the Hey Shayla Podcast!

1. Connect with Julia:

ASL Discoveries YouTube 

2. Books: to teaching your baby sign language:
- Lovevery* board book: How To Teach Your Baby Sign Language  
If you're not subscribed to Lovevery, you can likely find this book on FB Marketplace. There are also youtube videos of people reading it (kinda weird I know but helpful to learn the signs)

- My First Book of Baby Signs: 40 Essential Signs to Learn and Practice*

4. YouTube Channel of different ASL vocabulary words
Laura Berg Life YouTube Channel

5. Websites to search words and see them in ASL:
Hand Speak and ASL Pro website

6. Adults Workbook to learn American Sign Language:
Signing Naturally Workbook 1-6*

7. An App to learn:
Marlee Matlin App - Apple link
Marlee Matlin App - Android link

Xo Shay

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