Hey Shayla - Judgement Free Motherhood 😅😭😍

027 - Processing & Identifying BIRTH TRAUMA With @TheBirthTrauma_mama

March 24, 2022 Shayla Christine Season 1 Episode 27
Hey Shayla - Judgement Free Motherhood 😅😭😍
027 - Processing & Identifying BIRTH TRAUMA With @TheBirthTrauma_mama
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Processing & Identifying Birth Trauma With @TheBirthTrauma_mama

Hey Shayla Podcast | Ep: 027

Guest: Kayleigh Summers a Therapist and Birth Trauma Advocate  @thebirthtrauma_mama
Postpartum Support International

Thank you for listening to the Hey Shayla podcast!  Here, we love to learn new things and decide what works for us and our family. We're the moms that support instead of judge and know there are many ways to do something right.  I'd love to connect on Instagram @heyshayla

Did your "ideal birth plan" and what actually happen not quite line up?  Many women come out of labor a little shook and possibly traumatized, but as long as baby and mama are healthy there shouldn't be trauma right? Wrong. Only you get to decide that, and often times it's not even up to you but instead how your brain processes the events. I interviewed Kayleigh Summers (@thebirthtrauma_mama) a therapist and birth trauma survivor. Her instagram account does an incredible job of validating so many different kinds of birth trauma and being a resource for women who are processing a birth trauma.

I’m so grateful for her openness to share and help others!

Xo Shay

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