Hey Shayla - Judgement Free Motherhood 😅😭😍

026 - Potty Training Update after a month

March 17, 2022 Season 1 Episode 26
Hey Shayla - Judgement Free Motherhood 😅😭😍
026 - Potty Training Update after a month
Show Notes

026 - Potty Training Update (after a month)
Hey Shayla Podcast | Ep: 026
Guest: Me, MySelf and I (@heyshayla)

Thank you for listening to the Hey Shayla podcast!  Here, we love to learn new things and decide what works for us and our family.. We're the moms that support instead of judge and know there are many ways to do something right.  I'd love to connect on Instagram @heyshayla

We've been doing Elimination Communication since our daughter was 6 months old. And even though we don't catch EVERYTHING, we've enjoyed it. I recently had Andrea Olson (@godiaperfree) on my podcast (Episode 023) and told her our daughter was doing well but still in diapers at 21 months. She told me to pull the diaper and let it roll! Well, we're a month in and we're just starting to get the hang of it!  I wanted to share what has helped me and the problems that we had. I hope you find this helpful! And if you want to go with Andrea's toddler approach... maybe get the book before you start. Unlike what I did!

Xo Shay

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Potty Training book infant: https://godiaperfree.com/elimination-communication-book/?invite=766
Portable Potty: https://tinyundies.com/products/mini-potty-version-two/?invite=766
Toilet Seat Potty: https://rstyle.me/+kZ9d7JNiCS0bbwhdeN9YL
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