Hey Shayla

025 - My friend started a 7 Figure Amazon biz from home!

March 10, 2022 Season 1 Episode 25
Hey Shayla
025 - My friend started a 7 Figure Amazon biz from home!
Show Notes

My friend started a 7 Figure Amazon biz from home and wants to teach you how!

Hey Shayla Podcast | Ep: 025
Guest: Fin to chat with us about
@fba_edu from @timandfin
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I know a lot of us are moms who are constantly considering possible side hustles to make money and stay home with our babies.  Which is why I interviewed my friend Fin, who runs an online business on Amazon. Fin gives it to you straight. She’s not trying to convince you you’ll make a million dollars in 30 days. She shares with us the process of getting a product on Amazon. She also comes from a background of adult online education and created a step by step course for HOW to do it. I took the first 2 courses…. And failed (simply because I stopped).
If you listen to this and want more, her first course is totally free and gives you a GREAT understanding of HOW it all works.

Xo Shay

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