Hey Shayla - Judgement Free Motherhood 😅😭😍

020 - 3 EASY tips to help your toddler develop language (& why typical speaking kids need it too)

February 03, 2022 Shayla Christine Season 1 Episode 20
Hey Shayla - Judgement Free Motherhood 😅😭😍
020 - 3 EASY tips to help your toddler develop language (& why typical speaking kids need it too)
Show Notes

020 - 3 EASY tips to encourage your toddler develop language (& why it’s important)
Hey Shayla Podcast | Ep: 020
Guest: Katie and Carly  from 
@weetalkers Speech & Language Therapists

Thank you for listening to the Hey Shayla podcast!  Here, we love to learn new things and decide what works for us and our family.. We're the moms that support instead of judge and know there are many ways to do something right.  I'd love to connect on Instagram @heyshayla

Is it actually important that our children develop vocabulary early? Don’t kids learn how to talk on their own? These are questions I asked Katie and Carly from Wee Talkers. TBH I had no idea what I could learn for my typical speaking toddler but HOLY SMOKES DID I LEARN!!

Katie and Carly walk me through three SIMPLE changes to make in the way I talk to my toddler to help her develop her skills so she can communicate more easily with me and avoid frustration. Something else I didn’t think about was that it prepares her for building on that communication when it comes time for school and learning!

Some resources we discussed in the podcast:
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Wee Talkers baby course: https://heyshayla.com/weetalkersbabypod
Wee Talkers Toddler Course: https://heyshayla.com/weetalkerstoddlerpod
Wee Talkers Song and Storytime: https://heyshayla.com/weetalkerssongpod

Wee Talkers free milestones checklist: https://www.weetalkers.com/milestones
Free sample toddler story time video: https://www.weetalkers.com/storyvideo
How to access speech therapy for toddlers: https://www.weetalkers.com/blog/early-intervention
Birth order and language development: https://www.weetalkers.com/blog/birth-order-and-language-development
Wee Talkers blog that covers so many FAQs: https://www.weetalkers.com/blog
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weetalkers/

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Baby course: https://heyshayla.com/weetalkersbabypod
Toddler Course: https://heyshayla.com/weetalkerstoddlerpod
Song and Storytime: https://heyshayla.com/weetalkerssongpod
HEYSHAYLA gives you $10 off!

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